Once your solar panels are installed, it’s not enough to flip the switch, start making power and just walk away. You probably want to be able to monitor your system, make sure that everything is working properly, and check your energy production and income numbers occasionally. Having a reliable monitoring system with a nice-looking graphical interface that is easy to use and easy to understand is important.

Yield Analysis

Analytics to understand if yield is as expected or designed

Forecast Performance

Predict yield accuracy with increased certainty

Effective Observations & Measurements

Know about equipment issues in real-time and correct them immediately


Monitor production in real-time via a centralized platform

Maximise Performance

Determine whether under performance was caused by weather or by equipment

Updated Features!

Raspberry 3B+ now supported
Advanced email features for installers to monitor multiple systems
Dedicated Pylontech batteries page

ICC Pi-V2 Complete kit

ICC Pi-V2 Complete kit

Recommended flagship product with the most features, regular updates, etc, all fully assembled, load..

R3,427.00 Ex Tax:R2,980.00

Pylontech Cable ICC Pi-V2

Pylontech Cable ICC Pi-V2

Pylontech Cable ICC Pi-V2Developed specifically to properly monitor SOC, Voltage, etc on Pylontech b..

R736.63 Ex Tax:R640.55

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