Off Grid Water

Off Grid Water

 Blue Water Group

This is the most technologically advanced Drinking Water Generator that has the ability to generate upto 70Lt of water per day on a 60% humidity, Tried and Tested in Western Cape. The system includes the Filtration and UV system. The unit has an internal storage capacity of 8Lt that could be pumped out to an external storage of your choice. If you need extra storage please add storage to your cart.    

Technical Specifications

Make: Blue Water Group
Production: 70 Litres per day
Dehumidification:  40L/D (27℃/60%RH)
Dehumidify capacity:  70L/D (30℃/80%RH)
Voltage:  220V/50Hz
Rated Power:  700W
Rated Current:  3. 2A
MAX Power:  820W
MAX Current:  3.8A
MAX condensing pressure:  3.6MPa
MAX evaporating pressure:  1.2MPa
MAX pressure of condenser and evaporator:  3.6MPa

Refrigerant:  R410a/420g
Fuse size:  F type, 2A, 250V
Dimensions:  (W*D*H) – 460*302*710 mm

DB Level: 40Db

SANASA 241 Compliant 


  • Air Filter
  • Plated Polypropylene Filter 1 Micron
  • Carbon Granule, Taste & Odor Filter
  • Ultrafiltration Membranes Filter
  • T33 –Chlorine, Taste & Oder Filter
  • UV – Ultraviolet Filter

   ›  Filter Replacement:  Every 6 Months

 Air 2 Water Blue Water Generator C70

Air 2 Water Blue Water Generator C70

Blue Water Group Air 2 Water Blue Water Generator C70This is the most technologically advanced..

R17,870.28 Ex Tax:R15,539.37

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